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Duane E. Green
"An excellent technical leader with a great sense of humor. He understands the fast changing world of technology and is able to identify the right technical solutions for business problems.

Brian Scardina, Manager, Development

"A problem solver, much thought goes into the things he does and he has an uncanny ability to notice what others overlook. His work ethic, energy and creativeness are some of his major qualities, but in my opinion the main thing I can say about Duane, is that he can relate to people in many ways and on many levels. His sense of humor and no nonsense approach made working with an absolute pleasure."

Tania McNaul, DBA

"Throughout my career - I've had the pleasure to work directly with people at Duane's level - Qwest, Key Bank, & Gambro to name a few. I've had the pleasure to work directly with Duane at HealthTrans - and Duane is by far the best in the business. Duane is easy to work with - and always gets the job done the right way. He's one of the few that has a thorough and detailed understanding of IT at all levels. Additionally - he is respected and liked by the people that work for him - not only for his technical abilities and leadership skills - but also for his character."

Jamie Kelly, Business Intelligence Developer

"Duane stands out as a straight-forward IT executive who not only understands technology, but really gets how to drive success for the business. Rationalizing a complete infrastructure into a more efficient architecture to manage exponential growth, Duane did so in the most clear-headed manner. His requirements were well thought-out, clearly defined, and allowed us to support his success in a way that benefited all. I'd be privileged to work with him again. His style is refreshingly realistic and open."

Christine Bottagaro, Director, Global Integrated Marketing and Customer Intimacy

"Duane is a Manager who challenges his team to think outside the box. He inspires and demands creative thinking to solve complex problems. Duane maximizes investment dollars, which in turn maximizes ROI. He is personable, and calm under pressure. Duane is an asset to any organization that relies on, and listens to him."

Joel Wittenmyer, Manager, Enterprise Data Architecture,

"Duane is an excellent manager to work for. He his always available to his employees and is great at keeping the team focused and on task. I enjoyed working as an employee on his team."

Stephen Swanson, Network and Security Engineer

"One of those guys who understands the hardware, software, operating system,communication protocols, and application systems, enabling him to do an excellent job of quickly getting to the root cause of a problem and then solving it. He has an excellent ability to communicate with customers and to 'shoot straight' with them when necessary. He just doesn't solve a problem and leave them wondering how he did it; rather, he is a good teacher and can show them how to avoid the problem in the future or how to solve it themselves. Very much a team player and worked well with everyone in the office - executives, programmers, customer support/trainers, and sales and marketing. I miss his sense of humor. Duane knows how to work hard, work smart, and still enjoy life."

John Knowlton, Director of Marketing

"I highly recommend Duane for his strong technical skills, and management style. He was not only a motivator to his subordinates but a consensus-builder within our organization. Duane brought the level of technology here and at our customer sites to a new paradigm. After he left the company, he was CTO for one of our customers, and made them one of our strongest advocates."

Gail Olney, Account Business Analyst
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