Mr. Green is an expert on Cloud Computing Environments supporting Infrastructure, Software and Platform as a service. He has significant experience in the corporate world as well as with architecting high-availability offerings supporting managed and shared services environments.

If you have questions about how your organization can benefit from outsourcing any facets of your brick-and-mortor technology functions to a managed service or cloud platform then you've found the right resource.
product one
High Availability
Whether it's Databases, Email, Servers, Network or Storage you've found the resource to provide a visionary and pragmatic perspective on available options to support your needs.
product two
Managed Services & Cloud Offerings
The hype over Managed Service and Cloud environments is undeniable. Seperate the the fact from the fiction and get a perspective from a visionary technology leader relative to what really makes sense for your business.

Predictions are that growth in spending to support corporate network and communications costs will grow by 20% annually over the next 5 years while spending on infrastructure and software will remain fairly constant. I can help you understand and contain these costs through effective strategy and vendor management.
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